Privacy Policy

Rethink Family Therapy Privacy Policy

We sometimes ask you to provide us with information about yourself and your family so that we can ensure that you receive the appropriate services. This policy explains what happens with this information.

Gaining your consent

During your contact with rethinkFT, you will be informed of how your information will be used and that it may be necessary to share this with other services and organisations. There are times when your information could be shared, for example:

  • as part of our duty to protect a child, a vulnerable adult, yourself or the public
  • for the prevention and detection of a crime
  • if we are required to do so by any court or law

Information we may gather 

Personal information

  • First name
  • Family name or surname
  • Address
  • Telephone numbers
  • Date of birth


Sensitive personal information

  • Gender, ethnicity and marital status
  • Religious or other cultural beliefs
  • Physical or mental health or condition
  • Sexuality


What we use it for

We may also use some of the information you provide us with for other reasons, such as:

  • For maintaining records
  • To identify and protect those at risk of harm
  • To ensure the accuracy of our records
  • To prevent and detect crime
  • To protect you and other people

Information security

We keep information about you confidential. This means we store it securely and control who has access to it. We will not share any information where we are not legally required to do so. We will only share such information as necessary and where we are satisfied that the other organisation is entitled to receive it and will keep your information secure.

We are also the data controller. We are responsible for collecting and processing your personal information. Processing includes the organisation, retrieval, consultation, use and deletion or destruction of information and its disclosure to other agencies. The information you provide will be processed about the administration of our services. A full list of what information we control and process and for what purposes is set out in our notification with the Information Commissioner’s Register of Data Controllers. Our registration number is: ZA210756. You can view our registration at the Information Commissioner’s website.

If you have difficulty understanding this information or want to ask more questions, please contact us – details are provided on our website under the title: “Contact Us”.