Systemic Therapy

Systemic Therapy

It has long been acknowledged that Family or Systemic therapy is the most effective approach when working with couples and families. This way of working has also proved as effective when doing brief focused work with individuals. Research shows Family Therapy is useful for children, young people and adults experiencing a very wide range of difficulties and experiences. Thus it is an effective treatment.

Family therapists work respectfully and effectively with people in ways that consider their important relationships, across generations, and the different systems and contexts in which they live. They start from the position that people do not have problems in isolation.

Most people and most families experience difficulties from time to time. When these difficulties involve serious mental health components there may be provision under the NHS to be seen by a Family Therapist. However, there are many people who are struggling with issues that do not meet the criteria for help under the NHS.

Individuals, couples or families may get stuck in patterns of harmful behaviour which may impact their close relationships. By providing a safe place to explore difficult thoughts and emotions, helping to understand others’ perspectives and building on strengths, family or systemic therapy can help people make useful changes in their relationships and their lives. Thus preventing relationship breakdown and the potential consequences this may have on families or individual’s mental health.

Family therapy is a resource to help people who are struggling with everyday issues, life transitions or relationship difficulties. When people take care of their relationships they are more likely to cope with problems that come along.  Thus family therapy is also effective in supporting, enabling and nurturing important relationships.

Marion Stefanowicz MA BSc
UKCP accredited Family and Systemic Psychotherapist.
Registered BACP member.

Principal – rethink Family Therapy



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